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Looking for accounting and advisory solutions that maximise progress and provide the platform for your business to reach new heights and grow exponentially? Our team gives you access, anywhere and anytime, to accounting services that scale with your business.

Corporate Tax Compliance

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Individual Tax returns

Commercial Accounting

Business Setups & Restructuring

Advisory & Consulting

In-House finance

We aren’t your ordinary ‘see you next year’ accountant. We are a cloud based firm and can assist you in every aspect of your business. We have multiple avenues in which we can help out, and also know many various specialists in different sectors of running a business which will enable you to excel and grow, without having to worry about all the back end issues, allowing you to focus on what’s most important. You and the business.

Stero Accountants have evolved into a pivotal point of a business. Business owners consider their accountants as their most trusted advisers. We’re more than just crunching numbers, your success is important to us, as if our clients grow, so do we, hence we aim to do everything we can to help them achieve their goal, we work around you.